Dylan Scott Shares Story Behind Newborn Son’s Name

Dylan Scott stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his family, new music and perform!  

Dylan Scott’s song “Can’t Have Mine (Find you a Girl)” is currently in the top five on country radio. It’s a love song he wrote for his wife and in the lyrics, he talks about how true love is rare and he’s willing to do anything to protect it. He doesn’t know what the secret to a hit song is, he just sings about what he can relate to and has meaning to him.  

Scott did a song with Christian artist, Jason Crabb called “Good Morning Mercy,” that they won a Dove award for. The first time they ever performed the song live was at the DOVE awards, and Scott admitted seeing Christian music superstars in the crowd was intimidating. He grew up listening to Christian music and singing at his church. He shared he had a decent voice as a kid, but his father worked in the music business back in the day and would tell him if he was doing something right or wrong, which he feels really shaped him as a vocalist. He was a shy kid growing up and would be scared to get on stage at his church and sing, which is crazy because it’s what he does for a living now.  

His new song “Good Times Go By Too Fast,” is another song he wrote for his wife and family. He likes to write about things he can relate to, and right now is mainly focused on being a father of three. He loves fatherhood and by the third child, he felt truly prepared, but admitted that it never gets easier having to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and losing sleep. He suggested getting a night nurse, but his wife didn’t want to do it. When he is on the road, he’s up until one in the morning some nights, so when he comes home, he has to get back into a routine and go to bed early to try and get some sleep with the baby. These moments are what inspired the new song because he knows that even though they can be difficult right now, they truly do go by too fast.  

In September, Scott and his wife, Blair, welcomed their son Barron. They got the idea for the name from a ballpark in their hometown. Growing up, Scott would sneak into the ballpark at night with his friends, so when they were thinking about names, they chose Barron because it reminded them of home. Also, they thought it would be a cool name that girls would love when he got older.  

Scott is going on a soon-to-be announced tour as direct support for a good friend of his. You can watch his socials for the announcement.  

While in the studio, Scott performed “Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)” and “Good Times Go By Too Fast,” that you can watch here!  

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