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BEWARE: These Are The Most Used Passcodes

No matter how in touch with ‘the real world’ we like to think we are, plenty of us are probably bigger slaves to our smartphones than we admit. We keep all sorts of things on our phones. From our photos to our private messages to our passwords and shopping lists in our phone notes,. And yet, we might not be protecting them as well as we thought.

To make a long story short, our passcodes are used like the lock on a safe. Our smartphone PIN numbers are what look after most of our stuff. Yeah, sure, most of us use the Face ID feature on our iPhones and Face Unlock on Androids nowadays, but a passcode is still the failsafe. However, researchers have warned of the most commonly used and unsafe combinations. And surprisingly, like banking PIN numbers, they don’t include the ‘rude’ combo of ‘6969’.

While you might think having a longer, six-digit passcode will be more secure a study conducted by George Washington University found that they offer ‘little more’ security than four-digits.

Here’s the four-digit PINs to avoid:

· 1234

· 0000

· 2580

· 1111

· 5555

· 5683

· 0852

· 2222

· 1212

· 1998

And the six-digit PINs:

· 123456

· 654321

· 111111

· 000000

· 123123

· 666666

· 121212

· 112233

· 789456

· 159753


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