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Here's a quick rundown of this week in science . . .


1. The Mars helicopter finally kicked the bucket. NASA announced one of its rotor blades got damaged, so it can't fly anymore. In just under three years, it made 72 total flights. It was only supposed to make five.


2. In other space news: Scientists tested a new inflatable space station, and intentionally pumped it up too much until it exploded . . .

NASA finally managed to open a canister filled with four-billion-year-old asteroid dust . . . and Japan's moon rover might be screwed after landing on the lunar surface upside down.


3. In animal news: A new camera lets you see the world through the eyes of different animals. The team behind it released footage for 12 of them, including birds, bees, mice, and dogs. 


4. A team of chemists broke the world record for tiniest and tightest knot. The entire thing is just 54 atoms.


5. In shark news: A study found the ancient megalodons that inspired the movie "The Meg" might have been longer than we thought, but skinnier and not quite as "chonky" as a great white.


6. And in health news:  Multivitamins might keep your brain healthy . . . a new blood test can spot Alzheimer's 15 years before your first symptoms . . . feeling tired might be a sign a migraine is coming tomorrow . . .


. . . chocolate insulin could be on the way for diabetics . . . if lower back pain lasts longer than two months, you might be stuck with it . . . and a study found just one energy drink a month can screw with your sleep.

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