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Some Hidden Dangers of the Holiday Season

First off HAPPY Almost END of 2022 !!!

As we prepare to embark on a new year are just a few reminders of what could hurt or possibly kill you in the process:

In a new survey, 30% of Americans say they've been INJURED during various holiday-related activities . . . whether it was minor, or it sent them to the ER.

 Of those, the injuries include: 

  1. have cut themselves while wrapping or opening presents...
  2.  slipped or tripped outdoors or on a holiday related, steps, sidewalks, decorations, furniture etc .... 
  3. been hurt cooking during the holidays.. ( My mom cant cook a meal without somehow burning herself)

4. been burned by a candle....( or like my grandma, burned down her family china cabinet with the Christmas Nativity on top! )
Many have also been sent to the ER after falling from a ladder or piece of furniture while putting up decorations in or around the home. while on a ladder or piece of furniture

 also note 12% of those who were injured say they were intoxicated at the time.


 Speaking of safety, 38% of people leave their outdoor AND indoor holiday lights ON overnight. 24% only leave their outdoor lights on . . . and 16% will just leave indoor holiday lights on, like maybe a Christmas tree.

 22% turn off everything when they go to sleep, which is a GOOD habit . . . because 27% of people say their oldest holiday lights are at least five years old, and 13% say they're seven or more years old.

And finally .. if you see one of these in your live-cut tree... DO NOT DESTROY IT.

Its a Praying Mantis egg..with HUNDREDS of babies waiting for it to get warn in the spring and hatch

Mantis Egg with an emerging babyPhoto: Borasio

This is a timelapse video I shot myself of the hatchling mantids !
Its best to just break off the branch the eggs are attached to , and put it in a bush outside your house and wait for spring for them to hatch!

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