Governor Murphy Teases PA Drivers On April Fool's Day

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy had a bit of fun on April Fool's Day, taking a playful jab at Pennsylvania drivers - for a day, at least.

In a tweet, Governor Murphy joked that he was calling on the state legislature to protect New Jersey residents from what he called the biggest menace on the roads: Pennsylvania drivers. The tweet included an image of a Pennsylvania license plate that read "Go Home" and a link to a website, He added that Pennsylvania drivers would be fined for driving too slow in the left lane, with the proceeds going towards their driving lessons.

The governor is no stranger to April Fools pranks. In a mock executive order in 2022, he announced a change to the state bird. "It is important for state symbols to reflect New Jersey's culture and values," he wrote at the time. "New Jersey drivers are famous for their skills, enthusiasm, and expressive hand gestures." With that, he declared that the state bird was being changed from the American Goldfinch to the Middle Finger.

The joke was met with laughter from many New Jersey residents, with some saying it was the funniest April Fool's Day joke they'd seen. But just in case anyone was worried, Governor Murphy made sure to end his "executive order" with a clear message: "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!"

For the record, the American Goldfinch has been New Jersey's state bird since 1935, and it seems likely to keep that title - at least until a future April Fool's Day.

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