Beemerville Church's Harvest Home Dinner 2024

Beemerville Firehouse
Close up view of a restaurant table

Photo: sorendls / iStock / Getty Images

The Beemerville Presbyterian Church's Harvest Home dinner will be held on Tuesday, July 23, 2024, from 5 to 7 pm. The first mention of the traditional Harvest Home Dinner was in the Church's Session minutes in 1900! The first offical photograph is from 1907. Originally held on the lawn of the bustling hamlet's church, the Harvest Home Dinner outgrew the lawn years ago and is now held in the Beemerville Firehouse. Interestingly the Beemerville Firehouse was built on land holding the previous carriage barn for the church. A carriage barn held the congregation's horses and buggies during Church Services. The hand laid flat rock wall directly in front of the Beemerville Church was the disembarking point for the ladies stepping out of the carriages or wagons, so they did not dirty the hems of their skirts on the dirt, (perhaps muddy) road. 

Today's traditional dinner is served family style, all you can eat, with a cornucopia of local harvested foods. Scrumptious sweet corn on the cob, from Ideal Farms cucumbers, and vine ripe tomatoes come from other local farms. Potatoes, cabbage and onions are from Pine Island, the black dirt country. Dinner rolls from Holland American Bakery along with maple baked ham, the Beemerville Church's famous secret recipe coleslaw, and a delicious dessert are on the festive menu 

Continuing the Church's long standing traditions the Fancy Table will sell home made food and craft items to benefit the Church. All proceeds from this dinner go towards the Beemerville Church's community outreach. 

Doors open at the Beemerville Firehouse at 5 p.m. The Harvest Home Dinner is served until 7 p.m. Adult tickets are $18 and child tickets are $9 and are available at the door, at Space Farms or from any member of the congregation. Come Hungry, this dinner is all you can eat! The Beemerville Firehouse is located at 227 Route 519 in downtown Beemerville. For more information please call the Beemerville Church at 973-875-6760 or check the Beemerville Presbyterian Church Facebook page.