Tusk at the Newton Theatre

Newton Theatre

The Newton Theatre proudly presents Tusk on Friday, May 31st at 8:00pm. Tickets start at $47.

Tusk has been criss-crossing the country since 2008 as The Ultimate Fleedwood Mac Tribute. But of all the Fleetwood Mac tributes playing around the United States today, what exactly sets Tusk apart?

Is it more than five skilled professionals turned masters of their trade through decades of individual musical study, live performance, creative risk, and devotion to the art? Is it more than their affection and respect for the Fleetwood Mac experience, an entity that continues to endure over 50 years of musical and cultural evolution?

Is it more than vocal similarities, common physical traits, or good costumes?

To be sure, one does not fare well in the tribute scene without displaying some or all of these characteristics. So what qualities does Tusk possess that can’t be learned, bought, or created simply from a desire to have them?

Chemistry. Synergy. Intuition.

Learn more and purchase tickets at https://skypac.org/tusk/