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Family IGNORES daughter's request not to be "weird" when meeting new BF!

What was that old Internet saying, "Do it for the VINE..."

I'm not saying this was staged for TIKTOK... but if it was, as a #GirlDad who has been weird meeting my daughter's partners... I can say there's a powerful lesson here.

Read on...

Meeting your partner’s family can be awkward and intimidating, but it’s a rite of passage in a new relationship. No matter how much you love your relatives, you may dread introducing them to your new sweetie because you never know what kind of things they could do or say to embarrass you. In order to keep the cringe at a minimum, one woman gave her family one job when meeting her new boyfriend: don’t be weird.

But the Winters family didn’t take their daughter’s advice. Instead, they were true to their strange selves and gave the young couple quite a welcome when they came over. In a video shared to TikTok, that’s gone viral with nearly 18-million views, Courtney Winters shows us their antics, captioning the clip, “My sister brought her boyfriend over for the first time … She told us not to be ‘weird.’”

● All six of them were standing outside in the yard waiting with their arms folded in anticipation.

● When the couple’s car pulled up, the family held their stances.

● As the daughter and boyfriend walked up, the family got into position … for a game of London Bridge is Falling Down.”

● First the boyfriend walks through the tunnel of hands, followed by the Winters’ daughter.

● The family could barely keep a straight face and quickly broke out into laughter.

The silly prank may have embarrassed their kid, but it didn’t send her boyfriend running away … at least not yet. And the Winters’ daughter seems to have survived the weirdness just fine, but some of the commenters aren’t so sure they would:

● “I would’ve just driven away right when I saw that,” one writes.

● “I would never speak to my family again if they were like this,” shares another.

● And one viewer comments, “I’d see this as a challenge to out-weird them!

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