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#MOVIES: #TopGunMAVERICK is the REASON we go to the movies! Incredible!

#MOVIES: #TopGunMAVERICK is the best movie I've seen in YEARS! Run, do not WALK, to the best theater you can, with the best sound, biggest IMAX screen and prepare for what will BLOW YOU AWAY! Everything. EVERYTHING about this movie... will blow you away!

I won't give you any spoilers at all... but I will tell you these facts about this movie:

1) The first five minutes are like being at a homecoming with an old friend. You are instantly reminded of what made the first TOP GUN so great... and it takes you to a place where that original "ooh and aaah" happened.

2) BUCKLE UP. The music. Cinematography. ALL OF IT... is absolutely amazing. You've not seen anything like this before. It's not just BIG... it's breathtaking!

3) The music will move you. From the 80's faves from the first movie to the anthemic TOP GUN theme, everything has an extra "tweak" to it, I'd think from Lady Gaga's influence... but it's about perfect.

4) The story is so good. Maverick is still Maverick after all these years, still guided by his inner rebel and demons plus a disdain for authority. However, he's broken. Conflicted. Haunted by the past and that's when his past catches up to his present... which brings him back once again to the place which made him... but broke him. With the help of one old friend... Maverick's able to survive what should have had him thrown out of the Navy... but will that friendship - and that guardian angel he's always had... keep him airborne as he dogfights ghosts from his past? We'll see.

5) It's a redemption story. A generational story. A story about becoming a team. Overcoming the impossible. Finding a lost chance to do something over again... and correcting wrongs and making things right. It's the ultimate comeback story.

6) It's a love letter to the power of human resilience. Staring at the future, a relic of the past, it's that "rage against the dying of the light" thing which makes this story so palpable. We're all facing time. Our greatest enemy is time. This movie is about staring down time and all the doubts which come with it... to overcome.

7) The cast. Epic. And the Oscar for best ensemble cast goes to.... ALL OF THEM.

8) If you watch this film anywhere but the best theater you can find, you are doing yourself a dis-service. It's that good. It's worth the price of admission and what it will do for your soul... priceless.

9) If you've not been to the movies in the last two years or so... go. This is the perfect movie to welcome you back. It's next-level good. Yes, really.

10) Everyone will relate to some character in this movie. From Maverick to Rooster to the narcissism of a young pilot who might as well be Iceman 2.0... everyone is represented, as is every personality... and that connection is what makes this movie so incredible.

Bottom line: Top Gun MAVERICK is the best movie I've seen in years. It is incredible and it is going to be the movie of the Summer. Trust me. You do NOT want to miss this, and you DO want to see this in theaters. Take some tissue, smuggle in some snacks, and don't get caught... and let Tom Cruise take you on an epic adventure in filmmaking which will make history... and which really has changed the industry and game. After the last two plus years, this is the perfect medicine for the soul of humanity which has been through so much. It's an escape.

And that's why we go to the movies...

Thanks to Allied Worldwide and Paramount for allowing me to see this film in advance... I promise I'll never butcher an embargo! :-)

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