Man Gets Probation After Posting Video of Him Molesting Stockton Student

Photo: Getty Images / ericsphotography reported that on Thursday, a North Wildwood man was sentenced to five years probation after admitting to posting videos on his SnapChat of him touching an 18-year-old woman's genitals while she was barely-conscious. It happened in her dorm room at Stockton University back in 2017.

The woman told her story to judges that she had been telling them for the past three years. Zachary Madle, who was then a 23-year-old alumnus, had raped her while she was blacked out.

She had been left on the floor naked, waking up to choking on vomit and finding out that Madle had posted three videos on social media of him touching her body and genitals.

Explaining that this incident has made her a "depressed shell of her former self" where she would drive home every weekend to get away from everyone. She told judges that on her rides home she would "pray to God to die, hoping maybe a deer would jump out in front of my car so I would swerve and hit a tree, or maybe a drunk driver would hit my car and I would die or at least be so messed up that I wouldn't remember Zach or what he did to me."

Madle pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual contact and invasion of privacy for posting the video online without her permission, in January.

For the complete story, read the full length article here.

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