Former Correctional Officer Sentenced to Prison: Smuggled Drugs to Inmate

Photo: Getty Images / menonsstocks

A former correctional officer has been sentenced to four years in prison after smuggling fentanyl and marijuana to an inmate back in 2016, according to

Previously convicted of conspiracy to commit official misconduct, 31-year-old Roberto Reyes-Jackson of Irvington not only lost his job at the Northern State Prison in Newark, but will no longer be able to hold public employment.

According to authorities, Reyes-Jackson had been smuggling in multiple doses of a powdered compound that was laced with fentanyl in single-dose bags that consisted of a "panda face logo" on it.

Reyes-Jackson had been accepting hundreds of dollars from 34-year-old Tyeesha Powell, the inmates girlfriend, as bribery over a four-month period in 2016.

After receiving the drugs, the 31-year-old inmate Aaron Copeland, would sell the drugs to other inmates. These inmates would be paying by having outside sources of friends or relatives wire money to him.

Copeland was caught after prison staff found a bag of marijuana in his cell, along with two wax folds of fentanyl.

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