Woman Calls Cops on Fake Cop

Photo: Getty Images / Joe Raedle

According to NJ.com, a man was arrested after he pretended to be a real cop and pulled over two people in Brick yesterday, Feb. 2.

56-year-old Kenneth Murphy of Brick was charged with two counts of impersonating police after he stopped a woman on Barberry Lane, along with another woman outside of the Wawa on Brick Boulevard.

In the incident at the Wawa, Murphy activated blue and red emergency lights after following a woman into the Wawa parking lot. When she stopped for him, he told her he was an off-duty officer.

The woman had alerted employees of the Wawa that she thought he was impersonating an officer. After telling Murphy she was going to call the cops, he got into his vehicle and drove off.

Details of a second incident with Murphy pulling another woman over surfaced social media.

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