Mega Sports Complex to Open This Year

Photo: Getty Images / Pete Starman

According to, a sports complex with indoor and outdoor fields is set to open up in Central Jersey this spring and summer.

This 160,000 square-foot complex is known as the Apex Sports and Events Complex and will consist of indoor/outdoor fields, a large obstacle course and an inflatable dome, along with an arcade, virtual reality space and ropes course.

The complex is set to open it's outdoor fields this March, while the indoor fields are currently set to open up in September.

Hillsborough resident, Hillarie McGovern, whose children participate in sports says, "It's a breath of fresh air to think that this group of investors came together to have something like this in town."

General manager Sandra Weingart noted that 400 hours of play time for one of the turfs has already been reserved for the Hillsborough Township Parks and Recreation Department at no charge.

Various events for this year have already been booked at the complex, although it has not even opened yet.

For more details on the fields and what else to expect from the Apex Sports and Events Complex, visit the article here.

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