NJ Town Using Stuffed Animal for Groundhog Day Festival

Photo: Getty Images / Archie Carpenter

According to NJ.com, Haddon Township is having an all-day Groundhog Day festival on Feb. 1 from 12PM-10PM to predict if spring will arrive sooner than later this year!

There will be live music, fire pits, a beer garden and a heated tent on Haddon Avenue in Westmont.

This all sounds like a fun time, but here's the catch... they don't have a real groundhog to help predict whether spring will come early or not. They will be using a stuffed animal groundhog, along with a mascot groundhog costume, known as Haddon Harry.

Township official, Kate Burns says, "We looked into it but it's really hard to get a groundhog... and what would we do with it afterward?" Therefore, they did not want to be held back by not having a real groundhog, which is why the event is continuing as planned.

Burns also mentioned that there will be a costume and trivia contest and they'll be posting things on Instagram all day. The town will also be mimicking the 1993 Groundhog Day movie, where people will play Bill Murray's role along with other roles from the movie. In addition, the actual film will be played at some point for people to watch.

For more information, or if you'd like to take part in this day, check out NJ.com.

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