Marine Surprised Son at His Little League Game

Thumbnail Photo: Pixabay

According to, 8-year-old Ryan Batista, was at bat in a Little League game in Passaic County when his dad, who has been deployed as a Marine, surprised him.

A pitching change was announced while Ryan was at bat, but instead of a new player, his father took the pitcher's place on the mound.

Ryan had not seen his dad for 10-months, as he was deployed to Afghanistan back in Sept. He leaped into his father's arms and the entire family shared hugs and tears of joy.

Staff Sgt. Steve Batista, 35, has been in the Marines since 2004.

Jillian Batista said the Lyndhurst Police Department escorted her husband to the game from Picatinny Arsenal in Morris County.

To see the heart warming video of Ryan and his family's reaction, click the link here.

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