Parsippany Man Charged For Aiding Wife's Suicide

Thumbnail Photo: Pixabay

Reported on the Hopatcong-Patch, a Parsippany man was charged with aiding a suicide after he allegedly helped his wife end her life, according to Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp.

79-year-old Patrick Mirrione was arrested after his wife died from suicide on March 14. Mirrione was charged with the second degree crime of aiding a suicide after an investigation had led to the fact that he "purposely aided his wife in the commission of her suicide."

Mirrione had called 911 after his wife died of a gunshot wound, telling them her wound was self-inflicted. Police figured out he assisted her suicide after the statements he gave them.

The day after his wife died, he was previously charged for "obstructing administration of law or governmental function and tampering with physical evidence."

His wife has not been identified.

New Jersey actually just passed a bill that allows terminally ill patients who have less than six months to live, to seek medical assistance in order to end their lives. But, Knapp did not give out any information regarding if his wife was physically or mentally ill.

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