450 Cocaine Bricks Found at Philadelphia Port

Photo: Pixabay

United States customs officials announced that drug dogs sniffed up what is Philadelphia's biggest seizure of cocaine in over two decades, according to the New Jersey Herald.

Local, state and federal law enforcement officials announced that 450 bricks of cocaine were found inside of 13 duffel bags within a shipping container, on March 19.

Joseph Martella, Area Port Director for Philadelphia's Customs and Border Protection, said the seizure amounted to more than 1,185 pounds of cocaine, which is worth $38 million.

Martella also released that the ship had been ported in Guatemala before it stopped in the Bahamas and destined for the Netherlands. They are unsure of where the cocaine was headed or where it had been added to the shipment.

This bust is Philadelphia's largest seizure since 1998.

Last month, an even larger bust occurred when customs agents seized 3,800 pounds of cocaine in Port New York/Newark which was worth $77 million.

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