Sex Offender Charged with Luring Teen Girl to N.J. Boarding House

Photo: Pixabay reported that a convicted sex offender is facing new charges for luring a teen girl from South Jersey, to an East Orange boarding house. Authorities say he sexually assaulted the victim on multiple occasions throughout five months.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, 42-year-old Michael Bordo is facing charges of sexual assault, child endangerment and luring.

Authorities say the girls mother alerted them of inappropriate text messages she had found on the girls iPad. It was discovered that Bordo lured the girl to the boarding house he had lived in from Oct. 1 to March 5.

This was not Bordo's first time with sexual assault charges. Back in 1996, in Cape May County, he was convicted of aggravated criminal sexual contact when he was 19, for entering a bedroom with two teenage girls he had known and sexually assaulting them both.

After a five-year sentence, New Jersey had passed a law for authorities to "civilly commit sex offenders" where Bordo was one of the first in the state to be held for treatment. In 2007, the court felt he was "no longer highly likely to commit a new sex crime." He was then released in 2009.

A year later, he made headlines for a relationship with a state psychologist who had treated him during his civil commitment.

Currently, Bordo is held at the Essex County jail on his new charges.

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