Cranberry Lake May Impose Annual Fees, Residents Oppose

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Nearly 200 people attended a meeting at the Cranberry Lake Firehouse last night (March 13) where a claim was discussed that the Cranberry Lake Community Club may impose annual fees for property owners. Nearly everyone in attendance was opposed to this claim.

The New Jersey Herald states that residents were advised of this claim in a newsletter, where property owners will be charged $607 if they are regular members, $835 for joint members and $520 for senior members, annually. These payments are set to be due by April 1 and if late, would be given a late fee. Anyone who does not pay for these fees could face property liens.

There is a "Under the Planned Real Estate Development Law" where the club has claimed to be able to charge these fees under a 2017 amendment, which claims the properties on the lake are in a planned real estate development.

Meeting organizer, Kristine Cerza received a response from the Department of Community Affairs stating that Cranberry Lake is "not documented with the department as a planned development" followed by a letter from senior counsel with the Office of Legislative Services, Chris Jewett, saying the club "could not compel payment of assessments."

For the full NJ Herald article, click here.

Source for meeting date clarity: The Sparta Independent

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