Arrest Made for Account Scam and Stolen Phone in Franklin

Photo: Pixabay

According to the New Jersey Herald, four people were arrested on March 7 and have been charged with theft of a cell phone from the Route 23 Verizon store in Franklin, NJ. This arrest led to the discovery of an underlying credit card and Verizon account scam, then leading to other charges.

Police arrived at the store after the owner had pursued the suspects to the parking lot, noting their license plate number.

At approximately 5:00 p.m. police were able to stop a white van, containing four suspects. 34-year-old Joseph Owens, 21-year-old Ryan Slavico and 22-year-old Dominique Carney, all of the Bronx, along with 33-year-old Randolph Millington from Brooklyn were arrested and charged with theft, possession of stolen property, several fraudulent credit card offenses, possession of false government identification and multiple narcotics offenses.

Police stopped the vehicle on Route 23 North near the Hardyston Township School. One suspect was observed with heroin on his nose, shirt and pants. They discovered drug paraphernalia and other expensive items that were stolen from stores in various towns, including Pennsylvania.

For more details on the arrest, scam and what was found in their van, check out the article here.

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