Teens Start Fundraiser for Classmates After Their Parent's Murder-Suicide

Following tragic news on Monday morning when a murder-suicide left three daughters without parents, students of Freehold Township began a fundraiser for the orphaned teens.

Over $60,000 has been raised as of Feb. 6, only two days after police told the siblings their mom was the victim of a homicide and that their dad killed himself.

As reported on NJ.com, Denise Bartone of Freehold was found dead in her home on the morning of Feb. 4, according to police. It is believed that her husband Kenneth Bartone jumped off of the Edison Bridge in Middlesex County, after being found dead in the Raritan River.

Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office is still investigating their deaths.

Matt Su and Sam Mueller, close friends and peers of the Bartone's middle child, began a GoFundMe page with her other friends, Olivia Park and Aidan Matthews, after getting permission from the family to start the fundraiser.

Matthews said, "We wanted to put something together for the family because they're in need and could use the support."

For the complete story about the husband and wife murder-suicide, click here .

To read more about the fundraiser and funeral arrangements for Denise Barton, read the NJ.com article here .

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