Woman Used Sister's ID to Dodge N.J. Prostitution Charge

According to NJ.com, 24-year-old Samantha Humienny was stopped in November by police while walking on a Paterson street and given a citation for prostitution.

When stopped, Samantha misidentified herself as her 20-year-old sister, Jaclyn Humienny, who is studying to be a teacher, in Florida.

Jaclyn and her parents, Brain and Cynthia, have been fighting the issue for weeks after receiving a citation in the mail at their home in Florida, plus a demand of $530 for failing to appear in court.

Brian and the family moved from Morris County to Florida almost 12 years ago. A few years after their move, Samantha ran away at 16 years old, moving back to New Jersey.

To make matters worse, hours after Samantha received the prostitution citation, she checked into Saint Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, still identifying herself as Jaclyn Humienny.

Therefore, a $4,000 bill was sent to Jaclyn in Florida, as well.

Samantha's father referred to her as a heroin addict and said the issue will ruin Jaclyn's future.

To read more on the issue and see what the parents reactions have been through the struggle of this legal mess, click here .

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