Airport Diner Under New Ownership

The Airport Diner, a longtime favorite and a port for pilots that fly into Sussex Airport during long trips, is taking off with new ownership.

New owner, Robin Nargiso, started working at the diner as a waitress three years ago and had recently discussed the plans for refurbishing the interior and expanding the menu once she acquired the restaurant back in December.

According to the NJ Herald, Nargiso said, "Frank (previous owner Francisco Blanco) had made me the manager here, and then a little before last summer, he started telling me 'you should take this place over.'"

Nargiso thought Blanco was just kidding but he had gone away on vacation for a few weeks over the summer, leaving the place for her to "run it like it was yours and see if you really like it, and if you do, we'll talk." After his trip, Nargiso said yes to taking over the place, and that's simply how it all happened.

For more information on the new ownership and for Nargiso's interview, read the full article here .

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