Fun Activities For You and Your Stir Crazy Kids on a Snow Day

Photo: Pixabay

With potential snow in our area the next few days, and just for winter in general, I figured it would be appropriate to find a list of fun activities for you and your family to plan for, when/if a snow day happens!

Kids tend to get really excited about hearing they may have a snow day from school, while parents on the other hand know it may get hectic at the house with everyone home for longer than usual hours. 

Well, luckily I found an awesome list of 40 indoor activities you can do with kids, friends and family, that even your own inner child might love. Of course the kids will want to play out in the snow, but when it's time to warm up with some hot cocoa, this list comes in handy!

You can check out the list here

If for some reason your kids do not get a snow day this week, keep this list in mind for the rest of winter!

Have fun and stay safe and warm!   

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