Stillwater Woman Finds and Returns A Lost Diamond Ring

Photo: Pixabay

Lori Schutte was on a road trip in November for her daughter's open house at Towson University when she stopped at a Burger King in Kutztown, Pa.

According to the NJ Herald, Schutte was washing up in the bathroom when she noticed, "There was this shiny speck of something on the floor." After looking really close, she realized it was a diamond engagement ring.

Schutte took the ring back to her car in determination to find the owner of the ring. She made some phone calls and was able to find the owner just two days later. The owner happened to live at least 75 miles away from where the ring had been misplaced.

A day after finding the ring, she made a call to the Burger King to ask if anyone called in saying they lost an item with "significant value." Luckily enough, a woman had called about a lost item and left her phone number. 

The woman wanted to remain anonymous as she had not told her husband about the unfortunate event. She told the NJ Herald that she was on a business trip in Lancaster, Pa. and made a stop at the Burger King, where she took the ring off and placed it in her pocket, to wash her hands. When she reached her office in Parsippany, she realized the ring was no longer in her pocket.

She said, "I pretty much thought it was gone," and therefore she quickly ordered a replacement ring.

Schutte made sure to have the woman describe the ring before she gave it to a random person who may try to scam her.

Both women met up at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall the following day. The woman laughed saying, "I think the first thing I said to her was, 'Oh My God," once Schutte took the ring out to hand it back.

The woman showed Schutte the replacement she had bought and hugged her, telling her how she really thought the ring was gone forever.

A week later, Schutte received a text message from the woman saying, "Happy Thanksgiving, Lori! This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you!!"

The woman also told the NJ Herald that she was, "Happy that there's still people like Lori out there," and that she is grateful for Lori keeping the ring and taking care of it.

Schutte is convinced that it is no accident that her family stopped at the Burger King, stating, "It was just meant to be. It was meant for us to go into Burger King that day and to find it." 

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