Jersey Woman Baked Cake For Noisy Neighbor

A Mercer County woman was kept up all night by loud music from the apartment next door. She wanted to turn the situation sweet instead of sour and baked him a cake.

Candice Benhow's Twitter thread has gone viral from Dec. 15, explaining why she left a pound cake and letter on her neighbors doorstep.

Benbow wrote how she went through a range of emotions throughout the night, like how she couldn't sleep, so she thought it was more "advantageous to reflect on [his] musical tastes and eat potato chips than try to sleep."

She began her baking spree at 3:30 a.m.

Her letter also said, "I realized I was taking your feelings into much more consideration than you were taking mine... I hope that changes, especially since I'm only three months into a 13 month lease."

The party began winding down about 4:00 a.m. which she appreciated but she also wrote, "In the future, as you're hosting your kickbacks and come throughs, please remember the rest of us."

Benbow started tweeting updates on her "adventure", when some people asked why she didn't just call the cops on him. Her response was, "Had anything resulted in an unfortunate outcome, not only would my safety be at risk, I'd feel horrible. I don't call the police on us if I can help it."

A few nights went by and she finally met her neighbor, Tom Amaro.

Amaro apologized for the noise and promised to invite her to his next party, also complimenting that her pound cake was amazing.

The two have been bonding ever since and are both new to the Trenton area. Benbow moved from North Carolina and Amaro from Brooklyn.

Benbow said they also connected over the loss of a loved one during the holiday season. "...this is his first Christmas without his daughter, who passed away earlier this year in a car accident... Ya'll know how rough grieving was for me in the months following Mama's death. I can only imagine what it would have felt like for someone to confront me with anger when I'm trying my best to get through my first holiday season," she tweeted.

Their story has gone viral just days after meeting. You can checkout the full Twitter thread and a picture of the two together by clicking the tweet below.


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