Spice Up Your Holiday Decorations With A Neon Tree

Typically, we tend to see green Christmas trees or a white tree here and there, but have you ever thought about getting a neon colored tree for the holiday season?

Instead of, or in addition to, your typical colored string lights, Wycoff's Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere, NJ offers various bright-colored non-traditional trees.

Their farm offers neon colors such as purple, pink, turquoise and magenta to name a few. If you prefer the snowy look, they also offer white trees. But don't worry, the farm does have your traditional green tree of course.

If you are wondering how they make the magic of each color happen, according to the Hopatcong Patch, they use a latex-based colorant that is specifically made for Christmas trees.

In order to snatch up one of these colorful trees, remember that they are first come first serve! Keep in mind that last year they were sold out by Dec. 18.

For more information on prices, etc. visit the Wycoff's Christmas Tree Farm, here

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