Franklin Names New Police Chief and Other Promotions

Photo: Pixabay

According to the NJ Herald, Franklin's Borough Council recently approved promotions and a new rank for caption as the pending retirement of Chief Eugene McInerney approaches.

It has been announced that Lt. Greg Cugliari will be assuming the chief's position as of Jan. 1, while Sgt. Seamus Geddis will be promoted as the new captain.

Therefore, Sgt. Nevin Mattessich will be taking position as lieutenant and current patrolman, Will Grissom will become the new sergeant.

As Mattessich becomes lieutenant, he will be overseeing all investigations, which includes anything handled by patrol officers.

Then, to fulfill the patrolman postion, Brendan Prol will be stepping up in Grissom's post.

Geddis' duties as captain will be taking on the responsibilities of the administrative lieutenant and begin conducting internal investigations. These duties are currently being handled by the chief.

As of now, nobody will be promoted to fill the position of detective sergeant for the new year.

For more information on the promotions and how these decisions were made, visit the NJ Herald article here.

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