NJ State Trooper Delivers Own Son on Sparta Highway

Photo: Pixabay

Sometimes we hear a random story about cops helping birth a child because a family couldn't make it to the hospital in time. Well, this state trooper had a very special moment when he had to deliver his own son on the side of a Sparta highway.

State Trooper Rob Rohel's wife, Jenna, went into labor on Sept. 19, when they rushed into their Jeep Wrangler with their kids. They were traveling to the Denville Hospital when their son was ready to make his debut into the world before they even made it to the hospital. Quickly, Rob had to step up and help with the delivery of the baby.

Baby Culver Rohel was born on the side of Route 94 in Sparta Township at 8:27 p.m. in good health as he began to cry. The family proceeded to drive to the hospital after the special moment.

State police put out a statement saying, "Join us in congratulating the Rohel family on their new edition! And although Jenna and Rob remained calm, cool, and collected without having to dial 9-1-1, we recommend you do should you find yourselves in a similar situation!"

What a remarkable moment for the Rohel's. Congrats, Rob, Jenna and family.

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