Wawa's Secret Halloween Menu Now Available

Photo: Pixabay

You may have noticed that similar to other companies, Wawa has had a few secret menu items that you can order. Back in the spring, Wawa had a secret menu for their birthday, with birthday related drink items. Well now they came up with a secret Halloween menu!

This menu consists of just a few frozen drink options that you sure won't want to miss out on! These three options are a mango flavored drink, a minty coffee milkshake and a chocolate, Oreo smoothie with gummy worms.

If you have never accessed a secret menu at Wawa, all you have to do is click the glowing Wawa goose logo at the bottom left of the main ordering screen.

For a quick, yet detailed video of exactly how to access it and to see other photos of these delicious concoctions, visit NJ.com, here!

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