Branchville Residents Watch Locally Filmed Movie for the First Time

Photo: Pixabay

Branchville Borough residents and various horror movie lovers gathered on Saturday night to watch a movie that was filmed in June at a local diner and its surrounding areas.

About 65 people were in attendance at the Branchville Firehouse to watch the four-part horror anthology known as "Theatre of Terror," which was created by an independent filmmaker, Tom Ryan. This fourth part of the serious was filmed in and around the Victoria Diner on US-206 and is titled "Endangered."

Some of the area residents who were lucky to star as an extra or be a main role in the film were in attendance to watch the first local viewing of the film, which runs approximately one hour and 20 minutes.

Mayor Tony Frato is among one of the minor actors in the film, who had a small role as the local mayor of the film's fictional town. Frato mentioned that the crowd really seemed to enjoy the film and were excited when the diner scenes and surrounding areas came about. Even his 8-year-old granddaughter attended and was excited to see her grandfather on the big screen.

Anyone who was unable to attend the screening and is interested in watching the film can pre-order the DVD and Blue-Ray of "Endangered" here, at The Theatre of Terror site! The DVD should be available by Christmas, according to Ryan, but the official premiere of "Endangered" is set for Jan. 12 at the Landmark Loews Jersey Theater in Jersey City.

Ryan told Mayor Frato that he would come back to the area for another film if the opportunity were to arise again. 

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